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Tapping Valves and Repair Valves Below are the Choice of Hot Tappers

Threaded Full Port Ball Valves
The Anvil Figure 171N Brass Ball Valves have a rugged, dependable design, meeting rigid specification for world wide use. Every valve is individually tested in an open and closed position at 80 psi. The two piece 171N full port design is available in sizes ¹⁄₄ - 4”. A wing handled version of the 171N is also available, as in Figure 171N-T, in sizes ³⁄₈ - 1”. Anvil’s Brass Ball Valves are available in full port threaded end.
  • 150 psi Steam
  • 600 psi WOG
  • UL/FM Approved
  • Full and Standard Port
  • ¹⁄₄ - 4'' Sizes
  • ¹⁄₂ PSIG (171N & 171N-T only)
  • CRN 0C5126.5C

    All 4000 Series Ball Valves

    American Valve's Model 4000 Cast Iron Flanged-End Ball Valve revolutionized the PVF industry. With the addition of Model 4000D in Ductile Iron and Model 4001 in 316 Stainless Steel, we are raising the standards for ball valve technology.

    The 4000 Series features a Teflon-fused ball that is more durable, less susceptible to accumulating buildup, and is longer lasting than an ordinary unprotected ball.
  • This adds to a long list of advantages over other types of valves.
  • Teflon® fused solid ball and Teflon® seat design.
  • Quarter turn provides instant shutoff.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Easy to automate. Built-in mounting pads require no special brackets.
  • Much more resistant to wear...especially in corrosive applications.
  • Handle position shows immediately whether it is open or closed.
  • Throttling is permitted... open and shut are not the only working positions.
  • Can be locked in either open of closed position.
  • Easy to manipulate quarter-turn handle allows for smaller, lighter, less expensive actuator!
    Resilient Seated Gate Valves

    J&S Valves Improve the Industry Standard for AWWA Gate Valves by Manufacturing a Heavy Thick Wall All Ductile Iron Gate Valve with a Large Diameter Stainless Steel Stem, Stainless Steel Hardware, and a Superior Interior and Exterior Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating. The J&S Robust Design Resists Breaking Stems and Valve Damage. J&S valves are International Flow's first choice in service valves.

  • Flange by Mechanical Joint Sizes 2” - 48”
  • Flange by Flange Sizes 2”- 72”
    Iron Gate Valves
    Iron gate, globe, & check valves are available in sizes 2" - 24" and in 125 & 250 lb. classes. Materials of construction include IBBM, iron, and 3% nickel. By-passes, outside lever, & weight options are also available upon request.
  • 125 lb. SWP-200 lb. WOG†
  • OS and Y Solid Wedge Disc
  • Bolted Bonnet
  • Gland Packed
  • Flanged Ends
  • 2" - 24" Class 150 IRON Rising Stem Gate Valve
    2" - 12" Class 125 IRON Rising Stem Gate Valve
    2" - 12" Class 125 IRON Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve

    Flanged Steel Knife Gate Valve
    Cast stainless steel body and investment cast yoke. In fabricated valves, leakage of corrosive medium, due to neglected maintenance on the packing, or line pressure surges, can cause corrosion and failure of most carbon steel or cast iron components. An all stainless steel valve offers better corrosion resistance than cast iron lined valves. The total cost of ownership becomes more attractive than the initial savings.
    Flanged Butterfly Tapping Repair Valve
    The Dylan Cartridge Repair Valve is a patented revolutionary process for hottaping existing systems, then adding any valve desired. This breakthrough technology enables the tapping of butterfly valves and also enables tapping without leaving a permanent valve. Likewise, the Dylan Cartridge Repair Valve, if installed in a new system, enables a reliable future isolation point when necessary.
  • Sizes range from 12 " - 72"
  • Pressures through 600psi.
  • Available Now in: Fusion epoxy coated carbon steel or 316 stainless steel
  • For water, sewage, & chemicals.
  • Repair without SHUTTING DOWN.
  • Fast delivery and installation.
  • Turnkey services available.

      RepairValve.com was established by the founder of International Flow Technologies, Inc and 2LBin, Inc. International Flow Technologies, Inc has been involved in the water/wastewater industry for over 30 years, conducting business with numerous municipalities across the country, concentrating on Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, Pipe Freezing, and live valve installations utilizing the Occlude/TEAM Insert Valve. Both IFT and 2LBin have worked hand in hand to develop only the best tooling and equipment used in the industry! 2LBin, Inc has taken the experience drawn from IFT and has utilized it to manufacture quality parts and machinery for use out in the field. The experienced technicians of IFT know what works the best and are able to communicate that information straight to 2LBin so that quality tooling and equipment can be made available to the public! We have taken the experience and expertise that both companies have to offer and combined them so that your needs are met!

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    Square Flange Control System

    The Square Flange Control System-Flow Control is the only way to maintain the health of your system.
    All valves and controls operating your pipeline are now “Replaceable Live” at a reasonable cost.
    When your control fails, you do not!

    The Square Flange Control System-Flange is unique because it is basic and simply allows many options for replacements, repairs or switching between control mechanisms without a shutdown or depressurization of your pipeline system.
    Pressure: is the Square Flange Control System-Flow Control’s Guarantee*

    Flange Structure patented, designed and built in the USA with technical support provided by International Flow and its affiliated service centers Nationally and Internationally.

    Order Today! and Control your Pipeline!
    Square Flange Control System-FlowControl Quick Valve
    Patent #7,021,325 and other USA and International Patents Pending

    Repair Valves Sizes 2"-12"
    Repair Valves Sizes 5"-12"
    Repair Valves Sizes 14"-24"

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    Need a repair valve installed?

    IFT performs many repair valve installations onto pipelines without shutting down a system. Repair Valves can be installed indoors and outdoors on chilled domestic water or air lines. Our customers include nuclear power plants, hospitals, industrial companies, mechanical contractors, municipalities and many other private companies. IFT is certified to insert any type of repair valve and will help your engineers decide which valves are most economical and durable for your use.
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